One of the best parts about visiting Jean Farris is all the amazing home-grown and locally-grown produce. We are very proud to boast our own herb and vegetable garden to compliment the vineyards and orchard. The garden also includes a small greenhouse, which allows us to start our heirloom seeds earlier and extend our growing season. The estate garden offers our kitchen access to many rare and hard to find vegetables and herbs by growing these nearly extinct heirloom plants. At Jean Farris it is often the garden that tells us what to cook.

The farm also includes our growing flock of chickens housed in two mobile coops. The chickens enjoy a diet supplemented with kitchen scraps from the restaurant and their organic eggs are a vital contributor to the menu.  Lastly, we have to mention our farm dog, Hades. Hades is a 180lb brindle English Mastiff who loves to play greeter if he is out and about.